The Beauty of Flavor…

Taste is to sight as key is to lock. Taste begins like love…at first sight. Here’s a glimpse of a recent ad campaign demonstrating the relationship of color to taste. The smell was… Continue reading

No. 55

Had the opportunity to work with The Admiral David Robinson. It was a great shoot and time well spent with a truly engaging and upright man. Spiritual is only a tiny facet of… Continue reading

A Load By Any Other Name…

[iPhone5 shot] At any given time on a shoot I’ve got at least (3) camera’s with me in my “shoot bag”. In between shoots, when I’m relaxing; the only camera I have on… Continue reading

A Chef from Hell…

One of the latest projects I’ve been working on includes a Chef from Hell’s Kitchen w/ Gordon Ramsay. Chef Nedra is a unique personality with a phenomenal passion for her craft. Visit… Continue reading

SXSW: Morning Fog

The morning weather brings out the strange, the weird and the eccentric in Austin during SXSW. This was the beginning of a Stephen King novel kinda day. If you understand…then you really understand.… Continue reading

SXSW- The Hunger Game

SXSW morning breakfast scene… (4) word synopsis: Hungry Full Sleepy Repeat It goes without saying that Austin’s food game is phenomenal. Don’t even get into the food truck conversation. Needless to say one… Continue reading

SXSW on assignment

Time in the #atx was well spent covering the South by Southwest throw down in Austin. While there on assignment w/ gold pass credential in hand I was able to migrate easily throughout… Continue reading

The Buffalo Soldier

While on assignment I encountered a full regimen of Buffalo Soldiers. Pride was evident as they made their way through the crowd to assemble in formation to handle the morning’s color guard duties.… Continue reading

Still…I rise

It’s been nearly a month since the tragic fire at the 105 year old historic Childress Memorial Church in San Antonio. The history of worship by the COGIC congregation was not ceased because… Continue reading

3 Men and The Apron…

    Patience, tenacity and explosiveness is how I would characterize shooting the regional Golden Gloves Championship. Oh…and the boxers did okay too… 😉 Be well


It’s Wednesday night @ 6:45pm I’m on assignment shooting great culinary creations and thinking to myself…”What’s better than this?” My love of all things food + my profession of photography get to play… Continue reading

Cognac And Conversations…

    Got a phone call from a good friend tonight; while I was editing images from a shoot this past weekend. Seems he’s come to the realization that doing what truly makes… Continue reading